Sustainable wool & linen pieces which born in Lithuania but spread all over the words

Hi there, we are so thankful that you are interested in WHERE, WHY & HOW these two different yet familiar brands are created and who is standing under this flag.

Long story short, we are Židrė & Inga – mother and daughter who care about wardrobe’s sustainability and quality of the garments.

Both of us decided to stand for slow fashion movement and appreciate that attitude not just for a trend but for a reason who can change the point of view, also understanding.

woolen long cardigan for women
small family brand from europe

Linen & the circle of life

Talking about linen, Židrė clearly remembers where hers and magical linen journey begins.


Nostalgic raw flax bedding where after a whole day of activities and hard countryside farm work sleeping was the sweetest moment of the day. Grandmother’s daily tablecloth & the smell of fresh baked bread spins the head around like it’s still in the blood so close to reality.

The advantages of linen proves how strong yet soft linen could be. We mean, our grandparents used to sleep & work with linen clothes and garments suit them for ages. How powerful it is, right? Precious linen in daily life and special moments everywhere – on people’s skin, in bed and table.

Active lifestyle needs true apparel while harvesting and other agricultural work so natural fabric pieces like long linen shirts, pants, skirts, jackets and linen dresses protect the body from the hot sun or the cool evening wind.

So fresh and sentimental, still there. Židrė tells that in her childhood memories, the spools of linen yarn, which inspired us to knit clothes from linen yarn, are deeply ingrained in the house. It has a unique heritage, traditions and timeless fashion. We are so proud to introduce you to a knitted linen collection which is breathtaking. Lightweight, sustainable, minimalist yet super extraordinary pieces are knitted by hands.

Wool & vintage mood

Pure woolen accessories & garments deliver such nostalgic memories from the past when all we need to do is stay warm & cosy. Natural wool yarns cuddle the skin from the very first day of life. We both agree that natural fabrics are the best choice not only for babies but for adults too. Merino wool, alpaca mool, mohair wool delivers perfect body temperature. All soft woolen pieces from mittens to solid cardigans are made by passionate and skilled  knitters. Me & my mom are more than grateful about the results – versatile collections of knitwear, high-end craftsmanship pieces in a contemporary and made-to-order garments for women, men & kids.

soft woolen accessories
woolen women accessories

Small business & less is more movement

As a small independent business we do not work within seasons or have sales on purpose to be more sustainable & environmentally and socially responsible. While following the less is more rule, we produce in limited quantities to eliminate overproduction. Handmade and hand knitted unique masterpieces are fair made from cruelty free & vegan fabrics.

Our heads are high because we stand for women business and believe that every responsible creator could be known widely all around the world.

Thank you for supporting a small family business & choosing natural materials.


Welcome to the world of wool & linen.

Židrė & Inga