Fresh feeling after deep sleep 
The real quality of our lives starts from the quality of our sleep, right? Imagine the ultimate way to end your day – jump into natural linen pyjamas and have a proper rest during nighttime. With our ethically made linen sleeping clothes it’s so easy to do. 
If you find out that cotton, silk or other synthetic fabrics are triggering you and feeling discomfort while sleeping because of sweating or the fabric touch, we highly recommend trying eco linen material. 
Linen itself is a naturally hypoallergenic & skin friendly material which keeps your body in perfect temperature so it will upgrade your night sleep. Stonewashed linen is super lightweight, skin could normally breathe without unpleasant sweating. Also, natural linen is anti-bacterial, pathogen-resistant thanks to its inherent wicking and moisture-retention properties—it can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water without feeling wet.
True to identity
Here you will find extraordinary, soft, body-friendly & sustainable linen sleepwear like two piece sets, sleeping shorts, sleeping sleeveless blouses, pyjama sets, pure linen nightgowns, linen trousers and more. All designs are handmade in our small family business while we pay attention to every silhouette & pattern. 
Vegan loungewear appears in various colours: from trendy stripes to classy and earthy colours. 

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