The main reason why we choose & appreciate linen fabric dress is because it’s perfectly comfortable and breathable. The roots of slow fashion are found in the ancient times when sustainable and timeless pure flax dress was used in versatile ways: from sleeping dresses till simple yet elegant apparel for all occasions and spheres.
Sleeveless dress is perfect for tropical summer weather, also it’s easy to match with a classy linen blazer, jacket or sweater during chilly evenings. Essential linen garments deliver minimalist design, vintage mood cuts, loose & relaxed fit style so it doesn’t matter of woman’s body shape.
Natural soft linen tunic, open shoulder dress or strap dress feels floaty skin touch and it’s perfect clothes for summer. Linen tunics and dresses are skin friendly, super easy to wear for years to come. Functional, versatile linen maxi dresses will definitely suit you for all life, it will become your best friend and wardrobe statement.
Our goal is to make every woman special no matter the age, the size, or body shape. Fair made dresses are born in an ethical way while our experienced local sewers are paying attention to all detail. Lightweight linen maternity dresses are made in North Europe in our small women owned brand MyLinenSoul.
Organic, vegan & cruelty-free dresses could be made in your favourite colours, please check our colour palette and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts.
Handmade midi linen dresses could be customised.
Soft plus size linen dresses are most wanted during the maternity period when you need to feel the best and yet woman doesn’t forget about style and look.
It’s so simple to become more sustainably and ethically while wearing zero waste linen dresses. 
Create your own style, combine minimal aesthetics and we sure it will bring pleasant feelings for  natural fibres and our environment too. 

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