Linen tops for your effortless look
Slow living & sustainable womens tops, tanks, tees, shirts, T-shirts and minimalist crop tops are handmade from zero waste linen material. 
Every eco-friendly top could become your favourite first layer or be a part of your chosen outfit as it is – simple, aesthetic, super comfortable &  effortless statement for all occasions.  
Choose your favourite top
MyLinenSoul linen tops section is full of beautiful cut pieces so you can pick your beloved design from long sleeves tops, sleeveless blouses, crop tops, classic t-shirts, short sleeves t-shirts, linen tees, oversized blouses, spaghetti blouses, wrapped style blouses. 
If you have any questions about sizing, material or have interest in custom made garment, please feel free to contact us.
Linen benefits 
Organic linen delivers so many reasons why we should appreciate it. Skin friendly natural flax tops protects our skin, lets her breathe freely and keeps in the temperature which is ideal for your skin and body. 
Linen fabric has its own specific way to wrinkle in the most beautiful way. These tiny lines, colour patterns and lightweightness stand for timeless wearing and it doesn’t matter if it’s super straight or has wrinkles.

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