Wool is truly an amazing natural performance fabric. Planet friendly wool is sustainable, biodegradable, heat insulating, wicking, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, water repellent and cruelty-free. These natural performance features make it the perfect performance fabric for outdoor activities from hiking to skiing, travel, and every day. Pure merino or alpaca wool yarns are ideal for newborns, toddlers and teenagers. We using only skin & Earth friendly wool like merino, alpaca, mohair and natural wool.

WOOL care instructions:
To be honest, wool is a self-sufficient material that doesn’t require a lot of washing. If you’re not able to dry-clean your woolen garments or accessories, then air-drying or steaming also works. Below you will find tips of how to care of the wool.
Wash woolen garments & accessories at 30ºC only with a detergent designed specifically for wool care and not containing enzymes and bleaching agents.
Spin washed clothes lightly, put them on a horizontal surface and then shape, leave them to dry.

Iron with steam, never iron dry woolen apparel, it will damage your woolen garments and accessories.
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