MyLinenSoul uses natural, zero waste and skin friendly linen fabric. 
Soft flax skirts are super easy to wear and match with your beloved tops, sweaters or jackets. Create elegant yet effortless looks at the same time with rustic mood linen skirts and chunky boots or simple loafers. The visual play will definitely surprise you, we mean – in the best way.
Fair made clean lines, earthy colours mini, midi and maxi skirts could be tailored according to customer’s requests. 
You will probably agree that skirts are made for sunny or tropical weather so linen fabric is ideal for these conditions because it keeps skin in perfect temperature, protects from UV rays and lets the skin breathe. 
As responsible small business owners we stand for zero waste principles.
Appreciate every purchase and be happy to be a part of your wardrobe.
If you have any questions about sizing, shipping or would like to have a custom made garments please contact us. 

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