Wrap yourself into cosy linen robe
100 % pure linen fabric is the perfect material for those who appreciate handmade garments & natural fabrics. Washed Linen home wear and robes deliver an effortless home mood. 
True linen wedding robes could add more sparkles during your special day. A linen piece will definitely please every woman.
In this wardrobe friendly section you will find a women owned small business linen bathrobes collection which features clean cuts, oversized silhouettes and small details like comfortable pockets, removable belts for your everyday needs.
Elegant linen women robes are timeless clothing choices. Kimono style flax robes are ideal for all seasons, also very stylish. Eye-catching homewear could be easily switched to beach wear during summer holidays.
Cosy garments are body-friendly, it doesn’t matter your body shape. From our experience we could truly say that linen became our wardrobe essentials.
Feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions about the sizing, colours and taylor made orders.
Minimalist wardrobe staple for your everydays wear
Pure linen dress is ideal for city lifestyle & as a sleepwear piece. Clean design short spaghetti dress aesthetically opens chest & back. Adjustable straps will help you to feel the best.

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